A toolbar plugin for reveal.js presentations

Created by Greg Denehy / @gregdenehy

Hey There

The reveal.js-toolbar plugin gives you quick access
to Reveal.js functionality via toolbar buttons

You can see it in the bottom left of this presentation

The toolbar provides these buttons...

  • Fullscreen
  • Speaker notes
  • Pause
  • Overview
  • Help

Every button is enabled in the configuration,
so you only see what you want

									toolbar: {
										fullscreen: true,
										notes: true,
										pause: true,
										overview: false,
										help: false

You can also move the following into the toolbar
(to keep everything together)...

								toolbar: {
									captureMenu: true,
									capturePlaybackControl: true

Want to place the toolbar at
the top of the presentation?

								toolbar: {
									position: 'top'


Download reveal.js-toolbar and add it to your plugin folder

Have a look at the source code & documentation

And don't forget to check out Reveal.js if you haven't already

Fork reveal.js-toolbar on GitHub